Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chinese Fire Drill

Good Morning Art Land! This is a painting of my neighbor's son-in-law's bug, which was parked in front of their house for a few weeks last summer.  Story was he couldn't get it to start til he found the right part.  I knew when I saw it, I just had to paint it.  Anyway, it reminds me of the beetle that my friend from Broad Ripple High School, Candy McCreary had back around 1972. Our group of "gal pals" would see how many of us we could pile into that thing; I'm thinking there had to be at least seven of us all screaming, laughing, jabbing and singing kind of like the beginning of "That 70's Show" with and added twist--at the stoplights on many occasions someone would yell "Chinese Fire Drill" and, well there you have it.  Whatever happened to the Chinese Fire Drill, Streaking and other random acts of wackiness?  Oh yeah, I just remembered my sister's house got TPed last week.  PeAcE Out, Lesley

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  1. love this! have this print in my entryway! :O) Thanks Leslie. You are talented!