Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana

Good Morning Art Land!  This is a little painting of, well, a beetle's butt.  I like to approach my subject matter from all angles.  This particular bug reminds of my good friend from Purdue, Cheryl Liska.  She had an old beetle just this color, and her parents had an A-frame cottage on Sweetwater Lake south of Indianapolis.  We used to tool around the hills of Brown County in that beetle. In fact, that is exactly what we were doing when the announcement came on the radio that Elvis had died. Was it in August of 1977?  I'm not sure. Back to the car-one particularly cool feature was that the floor had rusted out and I could watch the street fly by as Cherly drove along.  PeAcE OuT  Lesley

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  1. Lesley,
    Great pictures. I have owned two VWs, including an Orange Superbeetle similar to the one in your pictures. The floors rusted out and if I drove through a puddle had to lift my leg up to avoid getting wet. The heater did not work, and the defroster was the passenger leaning outside the window with an ice scraper. I have great memories of my two bugs. Henry