Monday, January 2, 2012

Classic Bug

Good Evening Art Land!  This is my first post, so it is very experimental. My goal for the New Year is to do a blog about my journey through the art world, or art land, through my paintings, experience with creating art and maybe some fun people I meet along the way.  I paint to express myself, but I also like to paint images that I hope others will relate to, so my first post is of a painting I did of a vintage Volkswagen Beetle that I saw parked in the Carmel, Indiana Arts District one evening in mid August, 2011.  If you have never owned a Beetle, like me, you may have wished you did at one point or another in your life.  They are so artsy and have so much personality. So this is my 8 x 10 oil painting of a "Classic Bug".   PeAcE OuT   Lesley

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  1. Nice Blog! How exciting! It was so fun to see you doing a blog, i am trying to do the same. Have fun!