Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hippie Wedding

Good Morning Art Land!  I swear this little guy has not been out of the driveway since I started painting at the nearby Art Center, about three years ago.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed its license plate says GLOW.  Could it possibly be a VW Beetle Time Machine?  If I summon up the courage to climb inside, might I be transported back in time to 1969 when my parents loaded all us kids in the Ford station wagon for a trip to cousin Ann's Hippie Wedding in Vermont?  That weekend was the closest I ever made it to Woodstock. Cousin Ann was about 20 and her whole wedding party (friends from Goddard College) were literally camped out in her parent's living room floor.  There were beads, guitars, granny gowns and long hair flowing all around. When the parents all left for dinner out and the little kids were tucked in bed back at the hotel (I was 12 or 13), the hippies gathered in a circle, lit some candles and well, that's not all they lit.  My eyes grew wide as saucers as the needle hit the vinyl and Jim Morrison started crooning "Come on Baby Light My Fire".  Whoa dude, I couldn't get out of there fast enough, so I sneaked  into the next room where my more conservative cousin and her boyfriend  were watching "The Partridge Family".  Ahh back in my comfort zone.

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